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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Feelin' Like a Quick Miracle?

So now I have this nice 20 year old composite Miracle sat at Draycote with some new sails and a keen helm and even keener crews:
  • Heavyweight Crew = 4 stone
  • Lightweight Crew = 2.5 stone
I have:
  • A rig tension guage from the Ent
  • A long tape measure
  • Over 25 years sailing experience
  • The internet
  • A sailing-dad

So what more do I need to get Miracle 3657 going faster than a squirt of goose poo? Maybe some tuning guides and a couple of hours to see whether the bugger is set-up right..!

So quick search on the web and I located a couple of tuning guides:
Speed Sails Tuning Guides
Pinnell and Bax Tuning Guides

They both have roughly the same kind of setting detailed within them, so thats good nothing to worry about there as I unfortunately don't have a set of Speeds or P&B's, are Suggitt sails quick in the Miracle fleet????

So this Saturday, after a morning of exciting "family stuff", you'll find me at Draycote...
  • Watching the Enterprise Open Meeting
  • Tape Measuring "lengths & heights & gaps"
  • Checking rig tension
  • Scratching my head
  • Sighing
  • Drinking
  • Chatting
  • Making things up
  • Re-measuring
  • Getting frustrated
  • Tweaking
  • Re-measuring
  • Giving-up
  • Drinking and Chatting
Must remember the cold, harsh reality that the boats only gonna go as fast as the idiot on the helm, so as long as the rake is about right and the tension is vaguely in the ball-park and the spreaders aren't wonky I think it'll be cool....

BTW if you Google "miracle 3657" you get:
No I just need a bloody boat name!!! More help please?


Tim Coleman said...

Why not ask the kids? I had an old Merlin Rocket that was named 'Wizard Winterbottom' after a Mr Man character. I won the club cup in it but the club could bring themselves to put the full boat name on the pot. Too frivilous maybe.

Tim Coleman said...

That didn't come out quite right. The club could NOT bring themselves to put the full name on the pot.

Tim Coleman said...
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