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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Profile of Ant Clay

Thank You!
Thanks for coming here.
Thanks for your attention.

I only hope I can add some value to whatever the hell caused you to stumble across "me"?

Let me introduce myself, I'm a Strategy Consultant, Sailing Geek and Family Man... 
I re-tell business stories that the IT department will understand and I enable those stories to deliver positive business outcomes through the innovative use of technology and facilitating user adoption.
My passions include applications strategy, social media influence on the Enterprise, cultural changes in the Enterprise, Microsoft applications platform, Governance and Sailing.

This blog is a mixture of commentary and conversations on a range of topics predominantly focussed around Sailing and Technology, but mixed with family stuff (wife, 3 kids and a dog) and a load of other crap that may decide to flow from my fingers, sometimes well past my bedtime and likely fueled by caffeine, wine or whiskey!

What this blog is about... STOP! ...scratch that... What I am about is..

"...Connections, Engagement,  Attention, Conversations and Value..."
 ...With You!

Maybe this might foster some engagement or kick off some conversations, I've stuck some presentations I've done just below.. they may be of interest to you, who knows, fill yer boots.