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Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm virtually working...

So, I posted about this ages ago, but time, technology, services and thinking have moved on...

So now I have a job again, and a vaguely normal life (lacking in time and boat but thats another story for another blog!) I thought it would be good to reflect on my virtual office set-up now it's matured and services have come, gone or settled in my browser...

I use Gmail @ home, I've got my "broadband attached email account" picked up in there and the email from my domains and my gmail account all splatted into one simple, but functional light email client in Gmail....

So, I use Google Calendar... it's simple, effective and accessible.. I get daily agenda emails telling my what I'm meant to do etc.

I use Plaxo to synchronise my Google Calendar to my Outlook 2007 Calendar at work so I know what the hell I'm meant to be doing work and socially...

At work I use Outlook, at Home I use Remember The Milk, Google Calendar puts the time based tasks into it and therefore Plaxo replicates them to the on-line Plaxo Task list and Synchs them into my Google Calendar.

From Outlook 2007 to Plaxo, autosynched oh yeh and I use LinkedIn and that gets synched into Outlook (and hence to my work Blackberry) etc so thats covered

Docs / Spreadsheets
Work it's Office 2007 - favourite functionality so far is Smart Art (or Smart Arse Art as I call it) and saving as a PDF... at home I use Google Docs/Spread, again functional and the integration is good...

Eek, this is where it gets messy:

@Work - MS Office Communicator + GTalk (embedded in my iGoogle page) + Skype
@Home - GTalk + Skype + Live Messenger (a lot less now)

@Everywhere - Jaiku + Twitter + Facebook for random adhoc messaging, presence and personal insights

to manage the music on my ipod video 30gb
Last.FM for my music exploration and

News / RSS

Google reader is packed with 162 subscriptions, iGoogle for summary stuff and I use FaceBook for those personal "news"

And well a lot of this is crosspopulated so Jaiku aggregates blog posts, flickr uploads, twitter and music from and then this gets pushed to Facebook which also has some google reader shared items (also on my blog), I can twitter a task to Remmeber The Milk and it appears there and then gets synched into Plaxo..

Wow, it seems messy but the number of "things" is reducing and I'm settling into a rhythm and a subset of tools that give me what I want twith the flexibility to add more..

let me know what you do...?

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