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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Jeeze I am sooo sorry, I've been lame in the past and not posted as often as I should but now I've gotten crapper.. really sorry groovers.. anyway I don't have an excuse, works busy but not inspiring, evenings seem to go way too quickly and I seem to have less time to do stuff when I'm not sailing..go figure.

Anyway I've gotten properly addicted to Second Life now...sorry... seems like other "normal" blogger have too I see Zephyr is posting on it and I'm sure others will follow...

I currently spend my time wandering, exploring, playing, sailing and looking for a "home". Yep I got sad enuff to start thinking it would be cool to own some second life land... I'm looking for a small piece of land 512 sq metres, with an ocean, lake view thats sailable ideally with "space" for a pontoon to moor my boat... let me know if you see anywhere good.

I had my first foray into SL sail racing last week... so ive customised my boat (a Tako 3.2) its got a wooden hull, painted white foils and a "racing" blue/purple main and spinnaker... looks pretty good I think?

So last Thursday evening I rocked up to Starboard Yacht Club in Second Life and put my boat on the water, hoisted the main, had a good practice then the 2 minute gun went, and a good 8-12 boats were there jostling for position on the line, it was pretty cool. You are at the mercy of Computer processing power and the bandwidth of your web connection so you get some jerking at times but otherwise the experience is pretty groovy... I took part in about 4 races, never finished one of the bloody things... first race I was late to the start! Second race I got ground on an island while I was popping the spinnaker up! 3rd race, good start boats all around me, some pulled away, some dropped back, going ok...then I got lost! The course is not straightforward, around marks around islands etc... I really havent got my head round it (I need James to help me navigate!), same happened in my last race as well, going well, started following someone who then did some random manouveres and there we go lost again...
Think I need more practice and maybe suggest a good old Olympic triangle-sausage course!
Anyway thats it for now... maybe some more virtual sailing reports later this week and if I buy me some land I'll invite you all over for the house warming party!

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Zephyr (Sail) said...

Here's a good thread my man...folks are weighing in on yachts in world.