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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WeatherBug - Respect the elements...Then Record Them!

This is way cool... it could be even cooler with some work, but this is so0mething you sgould all check out groovers...

So we all are exposed to the elements..every time we go sailing we are at the mercy of 'em sometimes they are good for us some times a challebnge and sometimes damned dangerous...

WeatherBug is now doing a weather video site... early days I think and you can't embed a video in your blog yet, but theres some decent videos...(and some crap)... theres a definate lack of stuff under "w" for wind...or waves... think we need to help them out!

Hurricane Dennis hits Panama Beach
Hummingbird Flight
Rainbow with Lightning

These are just a small selection of stuff... think at the moment there are only a couple of "gems", its all fairly average video quality, but going forwards there could be some good stuff appearing... check it out and don't forget to shoot some video next time the breeze is up or the waves are breaking or the ocean is like glass or the clouds look like your ass....

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