Skandia Team GBR

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Oh crap I'm a sucker and I do believe the hype...

What do I get.. Solo, Laser, 2-man dinghy... or a laser-guided-brown-trouser-crotch-aching-mad-splash-testosterone-gushing-moth....?

Question: Do you get to use tactics, or do you just look cool and go fast? What do you want from sailing?


Zen said...

look cool
look fun
look like alot of work
but if you have the need for speed...who ya gonna call...

Tillerman said...

You'll never be alone with a Laser.

Anonymous said...

Good question!!!!

What do I want from sailing...???

Do I want salty hair?
Do I want to risk the effects of the sun?
Do I want to punish my body?
Do I want to never have fingernails?
Do I want bruises in odd places?


Sailing is like nothing else. It enduces emotions others can only dream about.

Tim Coleman said...

I'm with you Og!

There are certain conditions that are just frusttrating but even that cannot put me off.

I just love it!