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Monday, July 31, 2006

Enterprise Nats and Worlds 2006 - Day 2

Ok, So BIG shout to Sam Childs for the updates and pics from his mobile at Looe 'cus I ain't there and I need by feed... why won't anyone else keep me updated....?

Day 1 Results (Sunday 30 July)
1 23916 Richard Estaugh and Pete Rowley
2 23089 Jon Woodward and Alex Halliwell
3 23085 Chris Fry and Al Fry
4 23045 Martin Honnor and Simon Haighton
5 22344 Mike Birch and Verity Birch
6 22487 Steve Vennables and Judith Venables
7 22619 John Blundell and Chris Blundell
8 22456 Nigel Bird and Katie Dolling
9 22501 Alice Allen and Andy Massey
10 22656 Jeremy Stephens and Sarah Appleby

Well done to all...

So, its the night of day two, i'm guessing they've had 3 Championship races, thoughts were of light winds, but it seems to have perked up a bit F3-F4 today, and some summer warmth so sounds like its perfect so far (don't rub it in)...

World famous "Ginger awards" and karaoke happened tonight... what songs were you guys singing and who got the awards?

Apparently Miss Katie D. is arranging a "crews night" for Wednesday, should be a storm, if you're a crew get down there to Looe and have a top party...helms stay away unless you wanna feel the wrath of Katie...

Is Craigy's bar gonna be serving the drinks...not sure whether he's at Looe or at home with a newborn like James....?

So not sure what the results are today, but sounds like Estaugh and Rowley are off to a good start...catch up the rest of you...

Jeeze just 'cus me and James aren't there doesn't mean you lot can slack-off; and you best be in the bar still while I'm typing this post at one minute to midnight or else...

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