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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


This post is just to say I'm not posting for a while, I'll be back around the 4th September.. if anything really cool happens I may post before then, but don't wait up...there's some good reasons for this but that's my prerogative!

This isn't some lame post to gain more readers or sympathy and I'm not "at the point in life" (despite turning 34 soon) when I am considering the point of blogging and whether its part of my life.... IT IS and will be for a hell of a while yet!

I really don't get Tillerman... his Commitment and Time for a Change posts don't make sense to me... he's gonna focus on getting great results at the Laser Masters, great..that's the kinda stuff I wanna hear about the training the tactics the thought process the highs the lows..not the crap about urine tests etc..

Good luck Tillerman..but keep on blogging so we can support you achieving your goals..

Anyway that's enough about him, more about me!

I will be back, promise, gotta sort some stuff out then I'll be back...more regular, more cool, more for you... See you in September..I'll be back, more news about "LSD Mag" and life will be good...yes..yes...yes..oh yes...

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! <PAUSE>

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Tillerman said...

I don't get Tillerman either. Weird.

Zen said...

Crimeny , another one ..grrrr

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from someone you don't know.:)

Fuff said...

Happy Birthday Ant btw

Anonymous said...

cant wait for more posts!!
anyone wanting a crew for the 24hour race this weekend may come along for the social anyway!
hope you had a good birthday