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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I'm probably not gonna blog on my birthday (3rd Sept) so I'll blog now cus I'm not gonna be posting much over the next week (see "Pause" post) either

I'm really excited about the present I'm gonna get from my family..its gonna be both cool and great for my fitness/training..





Yep I'm getting a Vew-Do balance board, its like a balance trainer, sort out your coordination, balance and core muscle strength and do tricks! Really can't wait to get my hands (and feet) on it, Claire won't let me until my birthday even though its sat on-top of her wardrobe and I can see the damned box from my bed :-(

I may even post some video of me falling off it and making my 34th b'day my last!

See you when I'm 34 my friends and groovers... XxX

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Zen said...


Happy B-day Dude!
From across the pond and further west.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dood hope you have a great day!!!

Tillerman said...

Happy birthday dude