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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Dawn 4 and Leave and feckers..

When I got there last Wednesday it was closed...

Mid August 2006 001 

When I started cycling, and averaged a record 12mph for the ride it looked moody, quiet but beautiful, like this...Mid August 2006 003

I had a damned good ride...a manic day at work and then was finished for a couple of days leave...Yay!

Leave was pretty great spent lots of time with the family, when to loads of places, did a few jobs; we picked up Claires new 2nd-hand car..then the freakin' arse forkbiter thieves smashed her shiny car window and stole my SatNav... less than 24hrs after handing over a wedge of cash the car was minor a windscreen, I was minus a SatNav and Claire was seriously  feckin furious and pissed-off..

So no sailing at the weekend, lots of insurance conversations and we went to LegoLand on Sunday which was firkin great the kids loved it and I was dead impressed...

Spoke to James about the plans for the next few months... The offer on the table from the Holmes family for Autumn Enterprise sailing is gonna be:

  1. Brookvale or Hollowell
  2. Northampton
  3. Draycote

Thats it for the year with James... dunno whether anything else will crop-up, contemplating a social visit to Southport and also trying to work out how to do one (or two) of the Solo open meetings that are being held at Draycote this Autumn... after that dunno whats gonna happen... anyone out there got any ideas???

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