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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Live Sail Die >> The Live Sail Die Mag

So OG and Johnsee are gonna be center-page.... and page 1, 2, 3 and all the other pages...

Yep you heard it there first and here now, LSD are gonna do a magazine about Life...Sailing and Die-ing, actually hopefully it will be the good bits of life and sailing and the death will just be crap starts and capsizing!

Good luck to you guys, I am very interested to know what kind of content is gonna be on there.. here's some questions maybe you can answer Johnsee in the comments:

  1. Is it an Oz-centric magazine
  2. Dinghy, Racing, Cruising..what sort of sailing?
  3. Beginners, Experts, both..?
  4. Racing reports, how too's?
  5. Who are the guys? The blogosphere?
  6. When's the 1st issue?

So guys, can you answer about an interview? If you need to "bring-in" writers then I'm up for it if you want my kinda crap?

Big Question....Why use traditional media and not more web based stuff.

Rock on LSD...

Link to Live Sail Die » The Live Sail Die Mag

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