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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


So I'm back from Hol's I've had my Birthday and I'm back with civilisation...

Holiday was great, went to Centre Parcs with the family, didn't sail (went on a pedalo!) eat, drank, swam and was merry... took time out one day to do an hours Tai Chi session that was really cool and then spent the afternoon with Claire doing sauna's, steam rooms and stuff so VERY chilled out come the end of that day; kids loved centre parcs and I guess spending time with dad, so everyone was happy....

Now I'm 34... 6 more years and I'll be doing the Masters.... got cards, CD's some clothes and my Vew-Do balance board - man it ROCKS... quite literally! I'm finding it a real challenge to stay on it for long, but its a good challenge and I'm improving each time I go on it..its great fun and it does feel as though its doing some good .. feel relaxed, better balance and feel like your doing exercise... Yay!!

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