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Friday, July 30, 2004

Soul Stylee

Well, maybe its 'cus its summer an' the sun is shining, maybe its because work is crap or maybe I just fancy a change, but I think its time for the Soulsailor websites to "get fresh", yep I think i'm gonna go in for a major re-stylee of them both...

Just 'cus its a lot smaller at the moment I think the SoulSailor Racing Association blog is gonna get hit first, then i'll do the main site, so all this tartin' around will happen in the background, normall service will resume unaffected...But..

As i'm gonna take the trouble to freshen the pages a tad, what do you guys want to see on there... what stuff do you like, what stuff would you like to see, and what stuff gets on yer pecs?

Its gonna take a while for me to sort these pages out, so please please, let me know what you want on either blog - email me on: SoulSailor "at" or Ant "at"

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