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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Kool Race Officers...?

So, here's a SoulSailor first, and a cool one at that... I got this message yesterday from our very capable race officer (Simon Smith) from the Burghfield Ent open a few weeks ago, its great to hear the other side of the story, and I hope we get more views and oppinions like this over the coming months, just drop me an email...


I would like to thank all the competitors for being great sports and causing very little grief for this race officer. All 5 starts were pretty good by Enterprise standards with not a single general recall being used. The individual recalls worked well except in the last race when someone was over the line and didn't go back and when, despite this massive advantage, they were fourth from last at the first mark we took the executive decision that to protest was probably going to be counter productive and not really in keeping with the spirit of the event.

We were really sailing at God's whim with the wind swinging by as much as 30 degrees but on balance the wind was pretty steady except in the fourth race when the wind did a permanent (ish) swing of 30 degrees so we finished the fleet early as there clearly was  no more overtaking spots on a what had become a follow my leader course.

I went out of my way to include plenty of runs on the courses as i am a firm believer that reaches are non tactical weight sensitive legs... it is amazing how quickly the fleet seperated sideways so quickly downwind.

Cheeeers.... simon

Thanks Simon for this view of the ent world..

Bring it on race officials, OD's, rescue teams, bar staff etc, lets hear your views of the Ent scene... it'd be great to have some posts from you guys at the nationals/worlds...what about the "beachmasters soulsailor round-up" from the Nats Tony?

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