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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

St Mary's Loch - We sailed to....

So, there was some sailing as well. St Mary's looks like a cool venue as long as the breeze is in the right direction, I think we were lucky to have it being vaguely favourable from that point.. the Race Officer did a fantastic job organising the racing and especially so in keeping the Ents and the RS200's and Mirrors all away from each other, and the Ent fleet were fairly well behaved for us on the start line....

A far as races go it was pretty close, the size of the courses and the breeze which was at times quite unpredicatable made for some "interesting" situations and plenty of place changing...

For once we weren't involved in any major incidents, even with Gez around us.... we had one near miss with Martin... as always it was to do with water @ the mark.... no incident happened, but it was debateable about whether I could have chucked him.. not sure, need to read a rule book and post as I find the answer - it was summat to do with him not having water, but us going outside the 2 boat-length zone and then returning with no rights over him, not sure need to have a gander.....

Lastly, while we were chilling on the shore, me an' Gez were discussing crews and our respective dependancies on them, Gez was being paranoid (not caused by us, honest) that Craig may be "crewing away" - saying he was working this weekend but really yachtin at some other event, "bitch".... Was he at the B14 Nationals or maybe at the Pre-Olympics....?

As I'm in the same situation (along with a lot of others), with James off sailing with Jonny, James owning the boat etc, means I'm pretty dependant on him... so to solve any problems, were gonna have to formulate a crew/helm contract... i'm gettin legal advice now, but thats a different matter!

If you've got any thoughts as to how we can keep our crews our own, then let me know (email or a comment on the site) and I'll get an "official helm-crew contract" up on the site for you to use....

Anyway, the results overall of the sailing bit are as follows:

Race 1
1st Tim & Salty
2nd Roger Willoughby & Joan Wilson
3rd Johnny & Margo

Race 2
1st Martin & Simon
2nd Jon Ward & Heather Ward
3rd Tim & Salty

Race 3
1st Tim & Salty
2nd Jon Ward & Heather Ward
3rd Johnny & Margo

1st Tim & Salty
2nd Johnny & Margo
3rd Martin & Simon
4th Jon Ward & Heather Ward
5th Roger Willoughby & Joan Wilson
6th Malcolm Lunn & Ross McKerchar
7th Ant & James
8th Gez & Chris
9th Barry & Julie
10th Euan Dunn & Angie Dunn

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