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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The year so far...

Well, looking at the Ent Schedule for the rest of the year, theres not a masive amount of racing left to be done... although its busy in the 2nd 1/2 of September:

As far as the Midland Area Double Chine Series goes theres the following events left that me an James may do:

Draycote (thats a Typhoon Grand Prix as well)
Northampton (Midland Areas)
Redditch (only if we are forced!)

Not currently sure of whose doing what in the overall series, we were winning at some point, but I'm not sure now.... dunno whether it'll come down to the last event as it it did last year, that was pretty cool...and nerve racking for us!

As for other events, well theres:

Draycote (thats a Typhoon Grand Prix as well)
Northampton (Midland Areas)
AGM Race at Midland

And of course any "interesting pursuit races" to take to the end of the season...

Its been a funny year so far, we've won a few events, Rugby, Middle Nene, Nottingham, we had a crap Nationals and so far 3 OK Typhoon events... but we haven't "shone".....

Not sure what we/I am lacking - in the larger events we're consistant, but we dont manage to get enough "top 3" races we need to boost us up the rankings.... if anyones got any thoughts then let us know :-)

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