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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where am I & What am I talking about?

OK, hopefully for the last time (ever, ever ever) I’ve moved my blogs around.. a combined one although less hassle for me is crap for you and so I’ve made the jump to have three “on-line” focal points plus Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook of course..

So you may find that RSS readers and stuff go a little weird and need updating.. sorry about that, don’t forget change is good, change is everything!

You can find out more about me (CV, profile, latest blog posts etc) here:

You can keep a track on my Sailing and more “personal” exploits at:

All my Business, Strategy, SharePoint, Social Media focussed ramblings, guest posts etc will be accessible here:

So hopefully that’s all logical now and we can continue to engage and exchange value…

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