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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Absolutely Trolley’d

So I seem to be doing more boat bimbling than sailing recently (in conjunction with my Dad, Mick Clay who can’t help but help, thankfully!)…

I found soon after getting the new Moth that the launching trolley was quite heavy in comparison to the hull weight and that proved to make launching a moth in its traditional way (on the side & carried through the lapping waves!) a bit of a challenge…

I enquired around a bit for the cost of a new light-weight trolley and was quoted anything from around £250 to £350 for a few lumps of aluminium!

So I’ve (well mostly my dad) managed to legally obtain enough aluminium to be welded together to form a decent, very strong & lightweight frame… and over the course (hopefully) of the next few days we will be transferring the cradles onto the new frame and away we go..

Circa £55 for a great, lightweight, custom made, aluminium launching trolley. Bargain & Job done!

The cover, custom made by Pinnel & Bax  is ready too (Thanks Stevie Graham) so that will be picked up very soon too…

Pics of Cover & Trolley soon.

Now time to go off and dream about sailing “my life-balance investment”.

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