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Monday, October 27, 2008

What’s in a colour – Azure?

So today the Wikipedia entry for Azure got changed..Why? Because Microsoft just changed the game..again…Today, Microsoft has announced Windows Azure, the Microsoft new cloud computing platform; it’s been a long-time coming, some thought it was too late, but by the sound of the info that’s streaming out of PDC today, it’s here and packing a huge punch.

Before I get into some vague details (I’m on leave this week and I’ve got a porch to build!) I have a new definition that’s relevant to this post…bare with me! A lot of people that are talking about the anti-cloud, traditional services use the term on-premise, but to me that conjures up the feeling of a system and a person tied to the Enterprise…

Shore-Side Computing - software deployed @ home, on the desktop, laptop, set-top etc but served through traditional means… Shore being a safe place to seek, a harbour, a sanctuary… the Cloud is more adventurous less predictable, less defined…


Anyway, the potential power of harnessing cloud computing, Microsoft’s cloud services, Microsoft’s data-centres and then creating business apps based initially upon a combination (shore-side or cloud-side) of:

Windows Azure for service hosting and management, low-level scalable storage, computation and networking
Microsoft SQL Services for a wide range of database services and reporting
Microsoft .NET Services which are service-based implementations of familiar .NET Framework concepts such as workflow and access control
Live Services for a consistent way for users to store, share and synchronize documents, photos, files and information across their PCs, phones, PC applications and Web sites
Microsoft SharePoint Services and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services for business content, collaboration and rapid solution development in the cloud

Is surely gonna allow those companies that invest, have vision and a Tribe-like mentality (such as Trinity) to go out and create some extremely valuable business outcome-orientated applications that reside in “the cloud”, on-shore or a combination of both…Wow!

..but once the mist & fog lift, leaving only the Azure, the people will start drawing comparisons… what about’s application platform, core CRM + a range of application services?

I guess the reality is that Microsoft has leverage, it has momentum and adoption… switching consumer and valued business and “developer” services through to the Azure will drag attention to the sky’s, away from Google, Amazon, Salesforce and the like… Microsoft has the ability to deliver.


A lot more on this once I’ve built the porch!

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