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Monday, October 27, 2008

Personally, Technically, Legally & Eventually….

Man this has been way too long. My blogging sprint over the past four or five years came to a crashing halt with the advent of our third child… time just seemed to disappear!

Anyway… I’m kinda back, we’ll have to see how much time passes by and how much blogging actually gets done but here goes….

So Trinity has been throwing down some pretty interesting challenges and experiences over the last 12 months and especially, it feel over the last couple of months… maybe it’s the financial climate or just coincidence but opportunities just seem more interesting currently!

So what’s been happening, well lots of engagements around Public Sector and a bit in Legal mostly, and with me having some very interesting “early-sniffs” in telecomms as well.. one of the most interesting things I’ve done for a while was collaborate with my colleague Matt Groves on a pretty awesome (well he says, and I think so it must be!) presentation on the use of Web 2.0 technologies in the legal sector delivered at Legal Insight to an audience of mainly Midlands-based top legal IT directors and IT professionals.

It was a great event, and the first one that Trinity have presented at despite organizing and hosting them regularly… it was also my first “public outing” of my Presentation Zen stylee of presenting rather than death by bullet-points!’s a random sample of what you missed:

image  image

image image

The presentation was well received by the majority of the audience and our “Pro Bono” of a bottle of wine to those that engaged in the conversation went down well (four times)! It certainly stimulated a some really interesting discussions on a breadth of web2.0 related topics such as adoption, Social Objects, Second Life, governance and management etc and having the pleasure of engaging in conversation with such a great set of like-minded people including the renowned blogger Peter Birley made the whole event come alive.

So what’s next, well more of the same really, strategising, demoing technology, articulating business benefits and presentations… including a local Warwickshire Local Government presentation next month…see you there!

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