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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last Chance 2 Win a Copy of "Be Your Own Sailing Coach" by Jon Emmett

So this is the LAST chance for you guys to get your hands on your own copy of the book,  "Be Your Own Sailing Coach" by Jon Emmett courtesy of Wiley Nautical and myself...

So, in order to get your hands on this great book as it hits the bookshelf around the world...all you have to do is enter the competition:


  • Submit the funniest photo of you sailing that you can get your hands on.


  • Write a 15 word slogan for "..why you need a coach..".

Best photo-and-slogan wins the book, simple...

All entries to be in to soulsailor 'at' by Friday 21st March 2008.

Currently my great friend-from-a-distance the "ExPat-Old-Fart-Laser-Sailing-Blog-God" is the only person who has even expressed an interest to me about the blog, that's gotta be crap, you all need to read the book (review in the next few weeks) and you all love competitions and freebies, so come on, otherwise come the weekend I'm gonna have to start planning to send him the damn book across  the pond to the states :-)


Peter A. Mello said...

Check your in box for a photo from an "Old Fart Tall Ship Sailor Blog God Married to an ExPat." Hmmm, doesn't have that same ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Just sent off my entry but I really do hope that you get lots of entries and that somebody else wins.