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Friday, March 21, 2008

Competition so far...

So, the number of entrants is still well piss poor really, but thankfully two trusty followers and experts in their own sailing-fields have entered and their pictures are below:

PeterMello_pic_for_SoulSailor_contest Tillerman_surf_launch

So come on get your entries in NOW, I've extended the time-limit to the end of this more entries means the book is off to the USA...


New last minute entry, from the UK:


....1 day to go :-)


Peter A. Mello said...

Hey, what kind of competition is this? I guess it's only fitting in a sailing themed contest. Follow the form of the Americas Cup and change the rules underway. ;-)

BTW, you might be on to something with your guess about what's wrong with my picture although I have to confess I never heard the term you used. Please explain a little more.

Happy Easter!

Tillerman said...

Woo hoo. Well, that third entrant deifinitely has the funniest photo. What the hell is happening there?

Tillerman said...

And the winner is?