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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

NewsGang Live Cameo!

I got a cameo last night on the NewsGang Live PodCast..

Cool, sorta!

The "appearance is about 48 mins into the podcast..

It was cool because, I (as Soulsailor) got mentioned a couple of times, it was cool because my questions, submitted through Twitter (actually using Twirl which is a cool Adobe AIR interface) to Steve Gillmor, were mentioned as the only tech stuff in a US politics focused session,,,

The questions were:

Part 1- Shouldn't Social Graphs ALL be based upon an agreed minimum "Social-Graph-Base-Data-Set"?

Part 2 - Shouldn't providers (Plaxo,Facebook,Google,LinkedIn etc) add their layer of value on top of the "Basic -Social-Graph"?

Part3 - Then we can have balanced-Portability of Name,Contact Details-the basic Social-Graph & walled-garden for value add stuff?

..the problem being in my attempt to squash the questions into the 140 character Twitter limit, I kinda screwed up the semantics...hence, my inaugural appearance on the NewsGang was less than eloquent!

But I was there, I was mentioned and I stimulated conversation :-)

Good Times..

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