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Saturday, February 16, 2008

...I need to talk more here but I'm talking lots there:

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"...Connect Local as well as Global..." I like that, think that might be my philosophical statement of the day :-)

Question: Could the Twitter Platform replace email? I mean if you need to say so much then surely you should collaborate or talk?

According to Biz Stone Im in the Twitter-minority apparently following & followed by over about 70 people=top 10% !?

stop all this Social-Media confusion and crap...Shouldn't Social Graphs ALL be based upon an agreed minimum "Social-Graph-Base-Data-Set"? Shouldn't the "providers" (Plaxo, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc) add their layer of value on top of the "Social-Graph-Base-Data-Set"??  Then we can have balance-Portability of Name,Contact Details etc ("Social-Graph-Base-Data-Set") & a walled-garden for the added value stuff?

Is "Twitter Village" too big a scope? Would "Twitter Pub" be more appropriate

Twitter is my pub... best place for creative thinking, socialising & there arelots of people there who know something U need..

Wondering whether to manual transfer my social graph from Facebook to my Google, Plaxo "networks".. What does anyone I mad???


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