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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Powerpoint Presentations are Dead...

I justed posted a comment to my "conversation inducing post" on Martyn Proctor's blog... it basically goes like this:

This is a good conversation, I'm going to attempt to start moving my current company away from powerpoints with bullets to graphics that evoke emotions.. what you need when presenting to a client is to get the message across, invoke good emotions, convey knowledge and expertise and very importantly give the customer a reason to trust you...

Here's a new definition for you all, just thought it up and as I trust you all you can have it for free..

This is what PowerPoint should stand for:

.PPT = Passion, People & Technology

A presentation should demonstrate and invoke Passion, tell a storyt about how it benefits People and simplify Technology concepts..

The whole conversation is very interesting... The kiss of life maybe here @ SlideShare

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