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Friday, April 27, 2007

Enterprise Inland Champs 2007 - Preview

So this weekend there will be a stack of Enterprise yachters off to Burton SC for the Inland Champs...

Forecast is looking pretty good (albeit changing every day I check!), at the moment we can be sure the sun will be out and the temp will be in the low 20's...nice, but who knows what the breeze will be, currently we're looking at F4 on Sat and F2 on Sunday... could be worse..

I'm expecting the usual crowd to be theres, but I have heard that Steve&Chess aren't sailing his boats still being "finished", he may make it for some spectating and beer drinking, we shall see, but I reckon the rest of the usual motley crew willbe there, but as this is the first preoper decent sized event, whose knows who the motley crew actaully is this season... we shall see.

So I shall grab plenty of pics, viedo maybe and stories to entertain you with a completely biased, random, event post on Sunday or Monday... if you're coming over to Burton then good luck.

See you on the start-line...I'll look back for you at the finish-line...I'll have a pint with you at beer-o'clock...

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