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Monday, February 12, 2007

Top 5 Tacticat Flyers

So you're addicted to Tacticat and Tillerman's "Stay out of Trouble" ideas haven't worked for you, what the hell do you do next?

  1. Stay Calm, it's only a Game - People say that for real life sailing too, but that's crap, when you're sailing on proper water its a matter of life and death, but in Tacticat just chill, only your on-line reputation is at stake!
  2. Bang the Retire Button- ok so that's the wimps way out, but seriously, it can sometimes be good to just sit back, take a swig of yer favourite tipple and watch the action un-fold, observer what's working and what isn't and learn from the mistakes and cool moves your fellow "gamers" make
  3. Take a Flyer - clear air, staying out of trouble and using the shifts is a great way to crawl back up the fleet, the wind isn't that shifty (to date) in Tacticat so take the long lift, the short header and don't tack too much to pick-up some lost ground
  4. Just Sail - If you haven't gone too far out the back-door then just sail, don't panic, the races may be short but there's lots of opportunities for the other racers to make mistakes, pretty much always a raft at a mark, a capsize, lag/game crash to help get you some extra points and make up for the crap start you had
  5. Try Something New - No I don't mean take up golf or fly-fishing, I mean try something you've always wondered about... use the race for practising hoists, or mark roundings or tacking on shifts...sharpen up your boat handling

Most of enjoy it, say hi to your fellow sailors, congratulate the guys who did well and be friendly, your time on the podium will come my friend....

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