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Monday, February 12, 2007

Logo Competition

It's a couple of months away from being Soulsailor's anniversary... I've had the "Soulsailor Logo" (blue stickman lounging on a boat) for what seems ages.... it's time for a change!

I'm open to ideas, but I was wondering if any of you creative folks out there wouldn't mind knockin'-up a logo for me???

So it's competition time. You have 2 options:

Original Idea:
Come up with a logo of your own inspiration.....

In the vein of my last post (Ying and Yang):
Do a post in the form of Ying/Yang including:
1. Visual Reference to Water
2. Visual reference to Boat (wood?)
3. Add a splash of Techie "stuff"
4. Link Beer in there somewhere!

So there will definately be a prize of some sort for the best logo that I end up choosing to use...

Good luck!

[Update: Closing date is February 28th 2007]

1 comment:

Zen said...

How long is this comp. running??

I hope it is not another custom made duct tape cup holder, I never got the last prize from the T-man!! :-(