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Thursday, November 30, 2006


So thats my land, I own the land you can see out to the water at the front and off to the end of the dock that my boats morred at. It's a nice area and will shortly have a "house" on it, although I quite like the "empty look"!

Arral Levit is the designer and she's making some modifications to the house I want for me... might be ready tomorrow :-)

So where am I in Second Life... well its an area called Yeppeun (228, 20, 21) and my land is currently called Soulsailor @ Club Troppo 2

If you have second Life the "link" to it is:

Soulsailor's Place

Come and vist real soon and let me know what you think of it!

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Tim Coleman said...

Ok I think I get it now. Although the experiance is not so great, a bit jerky and sometimes it freezes for serveral minutes. You cannot multitask whilst running SL.

The possibilities are very interesting. I can see that the most obvious use of this is as a virtual shopping mall.

Virtual holiday (vacation) tours would be another.
Educational tours?

Orientation training applications for firefighters, paramedics and other emergency services.
These would rely on accurate representations of real world places.