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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Advertising 2.0

The answer is blowing in the wind!

So real soon I'm going to embark on some exciting advertising adventures with an Enterprise related sailmaker/chandlery...

The idea is for me to get a stack of cash some revenue to support my sailing addiction the blog, and for the advertiser to be able to interact with you through the blog regularly (but controlled)about sailing stuff that will interest you (and me) and is relevant and not product placements force-fed into your RSS reader...

Basically it's gonna be all about conversations on Soulsailor masquerading as advertising (or the other way round) for the greater good of us all..I hope!

If it all goes to plan... it'll start next week.. wish me luck (I'm a goddamn sell-out!) and tell me if its crap!


Anonymous said...


I see nothing wrong with people wanting to make themselves some money.


Zen said...

Fair winds on that mate.
We can all use a bit of extra cash!