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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Skype Cyber Sail with OG

Thanks for the post OG, on LiveSailDie, glad you like the concept... as you say it would be fantastic to get us all talking togther...sailing together would be even better and hey anything is possible, we could have some kinda Global-Blogging-Sailors-Regatta. For now lets just meet up..someone please help me with a good time, its gonna be tricky as I think the a lot of us are either in the states, UK, Oz or somewhere in-between...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Next time I promise not to be in my pjs!

Ant said...

OK for the moment, until I know you any better I'm gonna assume that we're gonna call you less early and you'll be in your wetsuit or shorts as opposed to calling you earlier and you being in just "less"!!

BTW Just finished second evening of smoothie making...
2 small oranges - just juice
handful of blueberies
2 small strawberries
coconut milk
ice cube
teaspoon of honey...

Looks great, smooth and tastes good...Yay!