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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

[Preview] Rutland Enterprise Inlands 2006

Yey...its that time of year again when a whole load of damned competitive Enterprise sailors meet up and get arsey with each other round big inflatable orange marks and then make up with each other in the bar afterwards... theres probably more to it than that but thats the gist...

So, forecast for Rutland Water is:

North Easterly Wind (10 mph).');
North Westerly Wind (11 mph)

Ocean Girl says the forecast is:
Saturday in Brisbane - Sun and some clouds - 23
Sunday in Brisbane - Sunshine - 22
10-15 knots of breeze

So we're not doing too bad!

As far as the crowd, I think the usual suspects will be there so its gonna be a damned good event... if I remmeber rightly Tillerman has some roots back in this part of the world so I'll try and do well for him! (have you got any tips Tillerman?)

So, this is THE event before the Nationals..everyone will be there, the forecast is not too bad... oh yeh and I'll be come on down...

For gods sake noone follow me around the course I have a really crap record recently of bombinmg out @ Rutland! (its not like the old days when I won the World Selection trials at Rutland in an Optimist!)


Anonymous said...

hey dood il be there, il be camping
havnt been to the inlands before is there a good party?
see you there

Tillerman said...

Yup - I sailed at Rutland for parts of 3 seasons and was briefly Laser fleet captain. I have no tips - geeze I can't even recommend what beer to drink - when I was there in the 80s I would have said Ruddles County but I hear Ruddles got taken over by some monopolistic factory beer corporation from 3 counties away.

Ant said...

Think ruddles and Tiger are drunk.. vast quantities... I once got banned from the WheatSheaf pub by there when I sailed 420's!!

Fuff said...

Sounds like you're in for a fab weekend. I love those Treebeards, their blue sails are so pretty (in a butch, racery way of course)

Tim Coleman said...

I wish I could be there but I'm working on Sunday Morning. Its a shame because Rutland is probably only a couple of hours drive away from home and it looks a fantastic stretch of water to sail on.

I shall just have to content my self with racing at the club. It's a late afternoon tides so I should be ok for that.

Ant said...

Sam - Yes the parties are great (but I wont be joining in this year),
Yes the blue sails look great, I'll take lots of photo's for you Fuff
Tim, come and sail on Saturday..good fun, good competition and better than nothing....?

Tillerman said...

Tim - you should definitely go and sail at Rutland when you get a chance. Although there are lots of good things about my leaving there and moving to the USA in 1988 I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and think was I crazy to leave such a special corner of the world?

Anonymous said...

cheers dood's hope to see you all there
hope the weather is good and theres some good wind see as many of you there as i can