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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Luke Warm Souls...

So, we've had our first SkypeCast...

We had a Texan join us..he didint stay long.. he doesnt sail !
Then another weird guy who just made echo-y noises and bugged me...I ejected him..

OG from LiveSailDie finally made contact with me when we were both on-line so we had a quick skype chat, then she joined the Skypecast which was real kool, her in Brisbane and me in the UK, but the timin' was crap, she'd just got up and had to go to work, so short and sweet....etc etc..

Then Richard from Aucland made contact:
Vessel Name: Katrina II K100
Vessel Type: Bermudan Sloop
LOA: 12.5m (41ft)
LWL: 8.39m (27ft 6in)
Designer: Bob Stewart 1956
Builder: Percy Vos
Launched: 1957

So where the hell were the rest o' you? OK so it was short notice, the time maybe wasnt the best for some of you guys... we're gonna publicise the next one a bit better and try and get a handle on the best time of day/week to do it, but me thinks this could work... Skype is cool the quality is great and we've all got a lot to talk about...

Look out for the next one, link on the right in the "Conversations" section on here and hopefully publicised elsewhere OG, LiveSailDie, Tillerman etc etc...


Anonymous said...


Still in my pj's and hair a mess!

Looking forward to more people joining in for the next one!

Tillerman said...

Mate it was 75 degrees F and 10-15 knots. Perfect Lasering weather. Where the hell do you think I was?

Tillerman said...
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Ant said...

Tillerman, fair point as always... but you did miss chatting to OG in her PJ's..!

So guys what time/day is good for you all

Anonymous said...


What a sight indeed!

Perhaps another try at at time when we will all be nerdy near our computers.

Tim Coleman said...

Sorry but I am lacking a mic for pc, I shall try and get something sorted. Do you need a video cam?

Tillerman said...

If we start doing video, OG is going to need more time to do her hair and change out of her PJs.

Ant said...

Why...oops sorry thinking aloud!

OK I think we're all pretty cool at blogging, next we'll try and master the talking social skills, then we can look at video conferenceing..but hey does that mean in a few months time we'll have:
SoulSailor-Blog-Conf '06
SailBlogger '06

..cus then we'll all have to meet face to face and demonstrate actual social skills and everything!

Tillerman said...

Demonstrate social skills !!! I'm not going to break the habit of a lifetime even for you.

Anonymous said...

Time to do my hair???

Are you KIDDING?!!!

I sail. I always have salty hat hair.

Looking forward to more chats.