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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Site Look 'n Feel

BTW you will have probably noticed that the site has changed colour/style/template a couple of time over the last few weeks... reason, well wanted to get something going so went for MSN Spaces, then found that the benefits were necessarily their and I already used Blogger for my Soulsailor blog so it made sense to use the same interface at the moment, so when I switched hosting providers to the excellent (recommended by Steve Gillmor) so far GoDaddy hosting; which BTW is located as far as I can tell in Arizona where my good buddy and ex-colleague Mark now lives...

Anyway the site design is going to morph, change and probably crash and burn over the next few weeks.. I have some nice ideas but they'll all take time.. someone needs to take me to one side and tell me that its the bloody content that matters not the pretty colours!

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