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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

High & Lows of Podcasting in the

So on the way in too work I was being pretty down on the latest Gillmor Gang, but on the way home, listening to the 2nd half it perked right-up there to an all-time high!

It was great to hear Hugh Macleod talking about his cartoon drawing on GapingVoid and even more interesting when the gang started putting forward business models to compliment his stormhoek wine business and english cut suits business... really top quality stuff, and having a dig around his site I came across this cartoon which I love...

One thing that bummed me out was that in the podcast the guys gave some great business model thoughts around a GapingVoid widget, using an Ads business model that bloggers etc could embed on their sites to give daily cartoons to their readers etc... come on get it sorted!

That all got me to thinking that an extremely cool extension to this idea would be for Hugh to tag his cartoons on his blog, and for the "gapingvoid-widget" to feed through cartoons that matched the predominant "content" on the site it was on i.e. a marketing blog would display mainly marketing cartoons, a religous site the religous ones... now that would be VERY cool...

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