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Monday, March 20, 2006

Rugby&Daventry SC - Ges's View

From Ges Brown:

Ant, just to tell you the full story of Rugby.

Spoke to Steve on Sat afternoon cos Craigy didn't fancy sailing, and he arranged for Salty to sail (I also phoned him to confirm it). No real surprise when Salty rang at 8.30pm on Sat night saying he had some "unforeseen business" that he couldn't get out of (i.e. I think he was on the piss). Texted Steve at 11.30pm to say I couldn't make it and he said he would get me a crew and if not, he would crew for me (what a star). Arrived at Rugby at 10.10am (early for me) but no sign of Steve or my crew. Eventually they arrived at 10.30 with the boat already rigged (thanks to Youngy for putting my mast up in the absence of Craig or any other hunky bloke, I don't do masts on my own).

Met Tom Castle, my crew and went yachting. The sailing was A1, good wind, not too cold and even the sun came out at one stage.

Racing went down to the last race and we just managed to pip Martin to win the open.

Great first sail of the year and thanks to Steve, for getting me a crew and Tom, for being a star performer and actually making me gybe before the start.

PS. The moral is: who needs the national champ crew when you've got Tom.

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