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Monday, March 20, 2006

Rugby&Daventry 1st open of the year

So, as always the results and review for this open here on SoulSailor is the first anywhere on the web... damn this is good...

So it was windy, or really light... didn't rain, don't know how many boats were there... Steve (P&B) && Chessie were there, Ges, Youngy, MArtin and who knows who else...

...We weren't there... James was off at some "poxy" outdoor show (think it used to be the really good Birmingham boat show..but they lost the boats bit) , I was at home with the family.. was going to drop down to the Sailing club, but ran out of time....hey ho...

1st Gez & ?
2nd Local boy Martin
3rd Steve & Chessie

Oh and apparently Steve & Chess really nailed the last race... 1st bullet of the year is always sweet..

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