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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oceanic Jewels/Tours (Mohameds shop)

OK, so Mohamed was cool, his shop was great and I love some of the stuff that he had.. whennI last met him on the last night of our Sri Lanka trip and made my last "purchases" he gave me some of his business cards (and two pineapples)...

So I was sitting at the PC tonight, re-organsiing the site a little (spring cleaning!) and I saw the business card, and saw his email address so i've emaile dhim, said Hi and attache dthe photo I have of him and his "dudes" by the boats...

I then noticed he had a web site adress:

So I checked it out... bkloody hell its pretty impressive... he told me had a son who was living in the UK @ Ocford Uni or summat, so I'm guessing he's done the site, but it is pretty damned impressive.. go on have a browse give his site hits summat to smile about :-)

Thanks Mohamed.. Ayubowam

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