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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Crufts 2006 - Yeh Baby

You may not know it be we have a dog... Murphy, those who've been lucky-enough to meet him (maybe?) will know he's a damn cool dog (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)... and guess what, me and him will be at Cruft's tonight and MAYBE on the telly...


So, if you've got nuthin' else to do tonight (Sunday) then put the telly box onto BBC2, around 7:30 7:45 theres a bit of Crufts called "Friends for Life" ... as part of that "show" theres a "parade" of 50 dogs who are part of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme (Murphy's got the Gold Award) wandering round the MAIN RING to some great Opera Singers and stuff.. so through this bit of the show, which probbaly doesn't last more that 10-15mins you may, if we are lucky, you may see a glimpse of us on the telly...

Good Luck Murphy...!

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