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Monday, March 13, 2006

Crufts 2006 - He's Famous

Its Official - Murphy (and me) is a TV star!

Yep, he has now had his 5 seconds of fame... 1 second as we entered the ring, 2-3 seconds walking towards the camera down the ring and then a final 1 second as we approached our "spot"... yeh baby he was lookin' cool.

So i've video'd the show and I'll hopefully pull together the footage of Murphy and put it on the web later this week (as well as a couple more Sri Lanka posts).

Murphy was bloody great, he looked smart, behaved impeccibly and was just a star.. thanks Murphy..

BTW HUGE Thanks to the guy who gave Claire and Rowan (with his faced painted like a cool dog!) tickets for the main ring so they could watch me and Murph in our "seconds of fame"... thanks dude... that made their evening..

If I find any pics on the web of it then i'll post them later..

1 comment:

Tillerman said...

Hey - and I thought you were a famous sailor - then you go and get on TV for WALKING A DOG !!!!