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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Northampton...Not so good 4 the sailing..

Jeeze, not a good weekend in the office.... really couldn't get the boat in the right place at the right time and even when I thought I had, we still didn't manage to get very far up the ranking... I'm pisssed (not because of the whiskey I'm currently drinking but 'cus of the crap results...)

To be fair we had a good sailing weekend, there was just enuff breeze, a little too shifty and some great yachters... but I lost my groove...

1st Tim Sadler & Richard Sault (Hallamshire S.C / SoulSailor)
2nd Ann Jackson & Alan Skeens (Burghfield S.C.)
3rd Shane Macarthey & Pete Rowley (Greystones Y.C.)
4th Alan & Matt Johnson South (Caernarvonshire Y.C.)
5th Pete Lawson & Dennis Swain (Bassenthwaite S.C.)
6th Nick & Rachel Jackson (Burghfield S.C.)

So, ho hum....

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