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Friday, August 27, 2004

Rambling before I go 2 bed...

So, nuthing much to say, just off to bed, but before I go, thought you'd like to know that I've found the missing recordings of the Ent sailors in Cork...they're "stuck" on the Voicealizer web site, they'll be appearing on here tomorrow... they ermm dont sound as good as they did live, but they're clear and guaranteed to make you wish you were there :-) I think? The proper reports will for the Nats and World will finally be up on the site at the weekend as well... promise.

Also, the design of the new website is coming along... if you've got any ideas of stuff you want on there etc then email me at soulsailor "at" Its totally diffeent to the current design, so if theres anything you'd find useful on it then do tell me and i'l see what I can do...

Finally, James is off again... ON HIS OWN! He's jopining you intrepid (mad) yachters who, having only just touched down from Cork are off to Scotland to St.Marys Loch for their annual reggata, should be a top event and a good laugh... good luck James..don't go too fast I don't wanna have to crew next season!

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