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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Prior warning..Abersoch 2004

Some prior warming for those bound for the Nats this weekend:

"...Just as help for people, I'm not sure what info the Class Association has
sent competitors, but the Beach Wardens are very efficient but friendly cos they
are trying to protect the Blue Flag status of the beach. So take notice of their
instructions, they won't let you leave combi bottoms on the beach...

As a suggestion don't take boat trailer upto car park near the SCYC Club house, (a)
its bumpy and (b) it can be a fag turning round to go back to the Golf Club slip
which I assume is the designated entry. Last week the traffic on the main street
was horrendous, traffic jams for hours.

As a point on travelling middle of the day it can take over 1hr to get through Pwellili, if you are coming from the Anglesea side there is a road to Neffyn which then allows you to get into the back of Abersoch missing Pwellili but probably not the jams in Abersoch..."

Cheers Mr.Cropper Sir (da' beachmaster)

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