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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Gill Racing Sunnies

So, its a while since we had any product reviews, so here goes! A month or two ago I boufght a pair of Gill Racing Sunnies from Purple, you can get them from Speeds and lots of other chandelries too..

So how are they, well 1st impressions are that they are quite a radical design as you can see above... they float, they look cool and they are comfortable. I;ve been told that I should bever wear them outside of sailing, but to be honest a couple of non-yachty mates think they look good too. The lenses are fantastic, far better for sailing than my "RayBans", the "permanent" strap is comfortable adjustable and keeps them nug on the head. Currently they've only been tested apres-sail and in light to moderate breezes with lots of sun, I'll let you know what they're like with a howling gail, spray-in-the-face sinny/cloudy day later in the season (probably @ the Nats!).

So if you're looking for some new on-the-water sunnies then they are definately worth ago..

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