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Monday, June 14, 2004

Enterprise Masters

OK then, last weekend saw the ever fantastic Enterprise Masters, the weekend saw top breeze (but not too windy for the likes of Mr.Honnor and Ges) and a lot of sunshine. I didn't manage to get there (8 years+ before I'm there!), so this top report is provided by the most anti-old Katie! (cheers)

Well what can i tell you... we were greeted Saturday morning with blue skys and a bit of cloud! The wind was a good force 4 although from the shore we were sheltered from it all and it was very misleading! The day started with a practice race at 12o'clock which was won by Keith Whitfield, in fact only the first 5 boats actually finished the practice race as Roy Barker new he was over the line at the start so did not go through the finish line, unfortunatley the rest of the fleet followed his lead! Meanwhile i was on the shore nursing a sick helm and Martin Honour was nursing a split centre board! [Ed: So, rumour mill - did Martin twat Birdy over the head with his centerboard? Why?]

The first race started at 2pm (very leisurely!) and was won by Nigel and myself[Katie] with Martin in a very close 2nd. The second race followed at 3:45pm with a general and so a black flag which confused some, in particular Martin Bradley who actually started at the 1 minute gun and so retired home early! there was about 6 boats black flagged including Gez and Craig! [Ed: I'm not gonna comment...I can't...I won't] Keith Whitfield triumped in race 2 with a leg lead on the rest of the fleet!

The evening meal was jolly (!!!) and everyone thorougly enjoyed themselves. The enterprise association put on a raffle which promted the youths (Me, Simon Haighton and Sarah Appleby) to adopt a china duck which will now be the enterprise duck (look out for him at the nats!!!) and Johnny won himself a furry handbag (chosen by him!) which did not leave his shoulder all night! [Ed: I HAVE to get a photo - anyone?]

WE were evicted from the club at about half 12 and the drinking continued in to the small hours of the morning on the veranda outside the club house.

Sunday we were greated with blue skys (again!) and a light breeze which promted race 3 to be postponed for an hour. Race three got under way in shifty conditions with Nick Jackson taking the lead from the beginning and holding on to it while the rest of the fleet battled between themselves. Ann was 2nd and we were 3rd. Race 4 was started in less breeze again and some huge shifts with fluky Gez [Ed: Katie oppinion and OBVIOUSLY not mine!) coming out on top followed by nick.

The final positions were as follows:
1. Nick & Kerry
2. Me & Nigel
3. Gez & Craig
4. Ann & Alan
5. Martin & Simon
6. Keith & Jonathan

Thanks Katie for that...

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