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Monday, June 14, 2004

D-D-Delph Days are here

So, this weekend were up tut north to take p[art in the Ent North-West Areas.. heres a brief messgae from them up there:

Are you coming to the N.W.Areas at Delph on 19th & 20th June?

Please let the fleet captain Rob Cocking(E19540) know if you intend to sail. It does help with the catering and ordering for the bar.

So it should be a good weekend, I've heard the polar bears have ordered Ocean Pacific Shorts, Quicksilver T-Shirts and Billabong hats for the weekend so don't worry about finding yer thermals its gonna be a cracking weekend.

Me an' James have got the tent packed and the boats been tuned (and capsized) courtesy of Mr.Estaugh :-)

See you there guys!

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