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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Invitation: SoulSailor Racing Association

OK guys, i've mentioned this once before, but last weekend saw the creation of the SoulSailor Racing Association, well we got some members..

So, its not gonna be an "invitation only" thing like Hallamshire, but I do need to keep a vague limit on the number of members so I can manage the thing sensibly... currently the "elite" membership consits of:

Charles Morrish
Karen Taylor
Andy Taylor
Nigel Ball
Pete Gribben
Paul Young

There is likely to be a few other members "moving club" also...

So if you fancy joining a proper club, with a cheap membership fee (gotta see how much the RYA want first before we set this) and hopefully affiliation to the RYA so we can race our Ents, then let me know (email me) - If you joined at St.Mary's then let me know yer email address so I can keep in touch!

Membership Process:
1. Email me with your Name and Boat Number
2. You'll be proposed to the current members
3. Someone will second you
4. I'll eventually get the membership money off you
5. Groovy yer a member now!

SoulSailor Racing Association Benefits:
1. Be part of the future
2. Affiliation with the RYA so you dont need to join an expensive club if you never get the chance to sail there
3. Good Karma
4. Access to Limited Edition SoulSailor merchandise
5. Groovy Membership Card and Car Sticker (probably)
6. And more to be announced...?

Don't forget, membership wont be available forever, so if you wanna join, do it NOW!

Peace, Love and SoulSailing Forever..

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