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Monday, March 01, 2004

Shustoke Gauntlet - Part 2

So, our February '04 event has been and gone... it was a good event as always, well run a great mix of boats and everyone enjoyed the event...

Sailing was fine with a good decent breeze if a bit shifty up against the shore! Me and James did carried out the experiment using the performance enhancing "Refreshers" and well, the first race, after about 3 Refreshers each maybe 30 mins before the start we had a cracking start and 1st beat, but they wore off too soon and Baz overtook us (to bloody leward) on the long downwind leg.... we managed to catch up to within less than a boat length by the finish gun...if only it had been a 100 min race rather than 80...who knows :-)

Second race we were just ready to launch when good 'ol James remembered we hadn't had another dose of Refreshers, so I legged off to the changing rooms only to find we'd finished them off... the only alternative was "TicTacs" - again these are an old favourite, so we went for a standard measure of 3 Tictacs each on the way to the starty (we had a good start) and then apprx 3 more each per lap... well we struk out in the lead (of the Ents) and we stayed there.... So the conclusion is that Refreshers are more poweful but the dosage needs careful monitoring, which may be tricky when out on the water, TicTacs are cool on 3 @ a time, are easier to regulate and come in their own waterproof container.. so please all hail the new SoulSailor Energy Supplement:

So thats about it really, not much more to say....oh.. nearly forgot, 2nd race there was an "issue", and we weren't involved, but someone, from the GP fleet if I remember rightly had a windward/leward problem with Baz/Johhny and after some discussions, offered (kindly?) to settle the issue on the shore... now did that mean by them a pint cus they GP was in the wrong, or was it jib-sticks @ dawn.... don't think we will ever know, unles said GP sailors are reading this, and if you are then guys, make yourself know...!

Lastly, I promised you a long while ago that we woudl do a quick review of how our Carbon Jib Sticks are... well here is the initial review... they are light... they look cool... they have different "carbon patterns" on them... if we drop them overboard we are both gonna dive in after them :-) and of course their fast...well for the moment we're gonna assume they are, a "better" review will follow in the next month or so...

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