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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The Sailors Path

Well things are hotting up in "Enterprise National Committee Land" - theres a lot of "discussions" going on currently regarding image, literature, publicity and all that malarky at the moment...

I think we are in an interesting place right norw, kinda crossroads time, we have the image of a great class built up over the years (BIG anniversary next year) and a great and passionate committee and members, but now we also have the input, drive and creativity of a younger membership who are also passionate about the class succeeding but have new ideas (right and wrong) and who want to make their mark on the Enterprise class.

So what do we do..or more to the point what do you want US 2 do?

Looking through surfing magazines, lterature, videos etc, they seem to have managed to capture the tradition, essence and zest of surfing in one package, magazines like "The Surfers Path" (check it out @ WH Smiths) mix "road-trip" stories of surfing adventures of the present with the tradition of surfing and radical images, photograph and adverts ushering the new dawn, and it works.. so why shouldn't we do this?

What we really need to know is whether you the members actualyl want change, do you want the Enterprise to continue with its great traditional, strong image, or do you want to move to something new, something different or maybe a combination... its up to you guys to let us know what you think will work...

...Whatever you think, let me know, drop me an email or leave a message here on the site... whatever you think, the class needs new life, we need more members, we need to look to the future...something has to happen soon...

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