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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

New York or Halifax? Whats your preference!

Well our cool Soulsailor Reporter, Anita is back from her New York trip - unfortunately no posts from New York, no sailing news from the big apple, and no American yachting gossip, but the first thing she wanted to do on reaching England was..... go to the Halifax S.C Enterprise Open... now that is dedication, or something like that...

Apparently Halifax is on the top of a hill, with a wind farm nearby that sucks the wind away from the sailing club! About 13 yachters turned up and although Anita was there, pretty much all she said about the sailing was that Mr.Honnor was 1st and Ges was suprisingly seen doing turns...? She obviously couldn't have been concentrating on watching the racing that much with such a lack of detail and obviously seeing wrongly that Ges did turns.... They'll be a "more" detailed report in a few minutes, from Gez himself!

Meteorlogical info now, from Katherine... apparently if we dont have much rain in the next few weeks the reservoirs will start drying out and we'll have a drought in Autumn..

Anita suggests rain dancing to make sure theres enuff water to sail on over the winter, well, I guess she had too much G&T early in the week and did far too much dancing 'cus its pissin' it down here tonight!! - thanks Anita... :-)

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